"Hire your friends". – An interview with Anthony and Natalie Armendariz, partners at Funsize

Anthony and Natalie Armendariz started Funsize with one intention in mind: making it the best job they’ve ever had at a design studio, one that they’ve always wanted to work for. Two and a half years later, Funsize has become exactly that: not only a digital product design agency, but a company built around a lot of learning, and a lot of fun.

My Nerdy Meandering into the Inner Workings of the Digital World. A snapshot.

I’ve been going down this eye-opening and fascinating path of how computers work and what the internet is. I realized that as much as I’m immersed in it I know very very little about how it works

Learning is about taking small steps.

Learning is about taking small steps. Ever since we're born. Our first steps, our first words. We're always building on what we learned yesterday, and with time, these learnings compound.