All the world is my school

One of my biggest learnings has been recognizing the fact that learning is everywhere. The old days in which we believe that school was the best and only place to learn, are now gone. Now, a revolution of alternative education and amazing methods to seek knowledge is taking place.

But, why? 

Some have finally understood that there is no perfect formula that fits all for learning. We are not robots, we are not the result of a process conceived in a factory, and we don’t have to learn the same things and be like everyone else. These people have opened their eyes to became aware of the endless amount of learning opportunities in our everyday life. 

I consider myself one of those, who understood that learning (and knowledge) is not the result of going to school and having a teacher in front of the class. It embarks much more because learning is everywhere. But let me finish with all this ambiguity and give you some examples of how I have come to see all of this. In other words, let me share with you what I’ve learnt.

1. Creating learning communities

I have found an immense amount of value by surrounding myself with people that are eager to seek knowledge (like I do) but probably different in everything else. Life becomes monotone when you surround yourself with people who are at your same level, by the simple fact that nothing moves forward.

Learning communities are everywhere. A family, a group of friends, or work peers. For me, learning communities are the best way to explore, connect and get completely out of your comfort zone. You become constantly challenged both physically and intellectually. And every day is an opportunity to do meaningful things. 

2. Life is made of perception

Let me tell you a story. When I was around fifteen years old I used to hate the rain. A grey sky and water all over was not my favorite combination. One rainy day I met a man who was a gardener and told me how blessed he felt because the whole work of the month depended on that rain. After that day I couldn’t hate rain anymore. 

My point is that what is true for you (principles, beliefs or social conventions) is not necessarily true for otheres. And that can be proven by traveling around and meeting new people because you get to realize two main things: how much your know and how much you still need to learn. 

3. First focus on yourself

Any barrier (even physical), is set by anybody else than oneself. 

Some weeks ago I was asked the question: “If you could change something of yourself, what would that be?”. My answer was mainly about blaming others of why I was one way or another, the stress and constrains such people put in my life, etc. 

But we kept talking and I realized that the only thing that was happening is that by finding others responsible of my problems, it became a fair excuse that, from time to time, I forget the power I have of changing things. Nothing is one way only. So feel free to understand things your way and keep moving forward.

None of this happened inside a traditional classroom. “All the world is my school… and all humanity is my teacher.” – George Whitman 

Let us know about your learning experiences too, we are eager to learn from you! 

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