How Technology Can Make Classrooms More Human: By freeing up time for teachers


As technology gets better at doing jobs humans used to do, it’s important to revisit the role of humans in the classroom. I’ll be writing a series of articles exploring this topic.

First: By freeing up time for teachers.

Having a human in a classroom doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll have more human interactions. Think of a lecture. How empathetic and involved can the teacher be with each student? How much time can students spend learning together?

In traditional classroom settings, almost none.

Technology today allows any student with an internet connection to access the best lectures in the world. Lectures from teachers at Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Khan Academy and thousands of other institutions.

If we switch classrooms to a model where students review the content on their own time, what could we do with classroom time?

The possibilities are endless. Teachers could spend their time helping the students who are struggling the most. Students could have more Socratic discussions and start projects together. Classrooms could be transformed into spaces for fun and exploration – spaces where students and teachers collaborate and encourage each other to learn.

Want to read more? Here are other ways in which tecnhology can make classrooms more human:

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