Why We Started Junto Studio


We started Junto Studio because we want to see different models for education in the world.This might sound weird at first, considering we are a web development company Junto Studio.

Let me explain:  While living in Santiago, Chile, my co-founder (Isabel) and I started making websites for friends as a source of alternate income, while working on a project in the education space. We often talked about how we wanted the culture of our startup to be, and all the kinds of things we’d do to make that happen. 

In December 2013 we decided to stop working on that project and move back to Guatemala. We came home to a web development industry with a lot of space to innovate, to make clients feel more aligned with the company who’s making their website, to be more transparent with them and make them feel like the important part of the project that they are.

Today we’ve continued making websites for clients (in Guatemala and internationally), and we’re enjoying it very much. We see it as an opportunity to continue learning, while creating value for others. We’ve set out on the mission to share this opportunity with other people, and have started growing the company.

We are very lucky to have found amazing people with whom we are creating a culture where we celebrate learning, liberty, an optimistic future, seeing failure as an opportunity, fun, and keeping our word.

So, while we’re not directly working on implementing different models for education, we do integrate a culture of learning into everything we do.

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