Why you should learn to code


Think about the thing you love doing the most, that thing you’re passionate about, maybe it’s dancing, or designing, cooking, starting a business, whatever it may be. Now think about how people did that 10 years ago. Already have an image in your mind?

Now a slightly harder question, think about how people will do it 10 years from now.

There’s a good chance that software, the internet, or robots, have popped into your idea of the future. Truth is, even today it’s difficult to find an industry that has not been touched by software. From flying drones making deliveries, to smart pans that help you cook perfectly, or wearable tech providing analytics to help soccer players practice. Almost every industry has been touched by software.

In the next 10 years, it is expected that 5 billion people will have smartphones.

Low barriers: Just an internet connection

And if that isn’t reason enough, the barriers of entry for learning to program have never been lower. Anyone with an internet connection can learn how to build a simple website in a day.

With resources like Codecademy, Code School, or (my favorite one) Treehouse, learning to code is not only accesible to everyone, but a lot of fun.

Learn with us

At Junto Studio are always looking for people who are interested in learning to code, and want to do an internship with us. If this sounds like you, email me at alejo@juntostudio.com

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