Working from Austin: We are officially 100% Remote


In the last post I talked about Culture Fridays, one of our favorite activities here at Junto. Last Friday, half of the team (including me) relocated from Guatemala City to Austin, TX. It becomes official: Junto Studio is now a 100% remote team.

Today, I want to share with you some of my experiences of working remotely while being on the road. Foreword: Nothing can prepare you to the experience of working remote. It’s terrifying and wonderful at the same time. People judge you by your work, and in return you get immense flexibility. Here’s a post I wrote about the pros and cons of working remotely. 

Let’s cut to the chase. Here are some experiences during this first week in Austin: - It seems hard to believe, but in terms of working environment, I barely noticed the change of location. We use Slack as our virtual office, which has provided me with all the tools I need to get work done and communicate with my peers. - I’ve worked from coffeeshops. Good Internet connection is the only requirement for my job, and I’ve got no complaints! As I’m writing this, a couple right across me is solving a crossword puzzle from the newspaper. Nice! - I’ve walked by foot, which has enabled me to  get to know the city better. On average, I’ve walked 30 minutes a day, which (I hope) is beneficial for my health. I still have to get a bike! - There are two things about Austin that I really liked: The people and the food. It’s just amazing how friendly these people are, and the food is fantastic! I’ve eaten a rabbit sandwich and bison burger in the first week alone. All hail foreign food! - I stayed at Airbnb at this beautiful house for the first two days, and later moved in with Brandon, a guy I had met online. I still haven’t found a steady place to stay, but I’ve treated it as part of the adventure. More on that in another post! - I feel the need to expand on the Bison burger. I tried it at the famous Hopdoddy’s restaurant, and it was one of the best ones I’ve had in forever. You can’t leave Austin without waiting in line (yeah, the place is packed 24/7/365) for a worthy burgerly reward at Hopdoddy’s. Really! 

It’s been a great first week. I’ll keep you guys posted about our adventures in Austin. Stay tuned!

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